Playhouse, 2014-present

Mobile performance space and residency

The name of Playhouse serves as a double entendre: a play-house β€”or toy house for a child to play in, and a playhouse, β€”a theater where dramatic performances are presented.

Embracing the architecture and wonder of 19th century traveling acts, the construction of the Playhouse incorporates a mobile design in which to explore contemporary notions of the traveling show. The design of the Playhouse includes both a live/performance space, much like the wagons used in early circus acts where the stage and domestic quarters existed as one. The interior of the Playhouse serves as both living, studio, and exhibition space while a collapsible stage functions as a porch. The nature of the design allows for diverse, multi-use projects with the purpose of inviting artists and individuals to present and curate their own programs and events.

Currently, the Playhouse is being transitioned into a pop-up artist and residency program.