Preserved In Ice, 2017

12 Digital c prints on aluminum

Diameter: 12”

Between the Melville Peninsula and Baffin Island north of the Arctic Circle, lies a small island, named Igloolik. In the winter of 1822, off its shores the two ships of Captain Parry’s expedition, HMS Fury and HMS Hecla, cast anchor for the winter. Their names were given to the newly discovered strait northwest of the island. Parry’s journals serve as one of the earliest written records of the Island. During my research residency in Igloolik, I was interested in uncovering different narratives and documents tied to early exploration history. In addition to researching Inuit oral histories, art forms, and present day events, this series of photographs explored landscape as a document and carrier of stories.

Photographs in this series were taken in Igloolik, NU during my walks over the frozen bay where Captain Parry’s ship wintered in 1822. Tracing my movement through the arctic landscape, these photographs serve as travelogue, artifact, and portholes across time.